ZatolminKitana lives in the north-western part of Slovenia, i.e. in the village Zatolmin lying at the foot of the Vodil vrh mountain between the emerald river Soca and the clear river Tolminka which flows through Tolminska korita from Polog valley. A four-member family Rutar loves taking care of a Bernese mountain dog Kitana; her presence makes every minute utmost beautiful. We have already had an adult cat called Zu-Zu, however we wished for a gentle and a kind-hearted dog. We definitely made the right decision!

With the help of the Internet and through various dog ads we gathered informaHOTEL KITANAtion on a dog we wanted to have. We have read many books on the character and breeding of different dog breeds. As we do not need a true watchdog, but merely a dog who is friendly with people, we set our eye on a Bernese mountain dog. We bought Kitana from a dog breeder Iva Lapajne in Bohinjska Bistrica. After receiving lots of very useful information we parted from Bohinj (which was truly heart-stirring) to the Soca valley where new adventures awaited. When we returned home we noticed our relatives and neighbours had mixed feelings saying a dog requires a great deal of work and care. Not to mention our cat Zu-Zu who suddenly had to share her territory. After a few days/weeks Kitana got under everybody's skin. All relatives fell in love with her and she became a big star in the village. They also closed a friendship with the cat and now they even share their bowl and the spot by the fireplace. She became an irreplaceable family member.

In the morningsRUTARJEVI when we are at work or at school it is our granny Danila who takes her out for a walk. Besides that she keeps company to the grandpa Franc when he is working on the field or in the orchard. There is great joy when we all meet at home after work/school. Each day we take a long walk around a beautiful Tolmin, which pleases all of us. She loves the company of a cocker spaniel Rena from Zatolmin and quite often we visit her friends in Most na Soci – Bernese dogs Twinny, Carisma and Risenshine degli antichi mulini with whom they run on the meadows alongside the Idrijca river. We can thus conclude that the Bernese mountain dog Kitana is SIMPLY THE BEST. Borut Rutar