Lorry, Bernese Mountain dog

Lorry mladiček Kitana, bernese mountain dog, got five litters of lovely puppies, one of them grew up in our Lorry.  Thanks to Rutar familiy, who  introduced us with bernese dogs world, we were slowly falling into it and now we are addicted. We  discover day by day how much love and beauty can bring a bernese dog into a human's life.

Lorry arrived in our family in 2010 and then started our era of »bernese addicted«....

Lorry is our first dog of this breed. We got her at Rutar's familiy in Zatolmin in Soča valley. Her mum is Kitana and her dad is Zany Boy Degli Antichi Mulini . Her breeders, Rutar familiy, gave us so many usefull advices before she came into new home. Lorry became familiar with her new owners and new home very quickly, we got her under our skins and we can not imagine our lives without her anymore. We visited dog school with Lorry and as she was so brave, she passed BBH test. She is so full of life, always in good mood, she loves beeing in the centre of attention and enjoys showing her beauty. Despite this she is so lovely and gentle, she enjoys caresses and long walks.

Tanja in Borut Kavčič iz Lok pri Novi Gorici

As she's aware how much we adore her, she sometimes makes some stupid thing - but how can you get angry, when bernese eyes look at you in that way....  Because of all these good things about Lorry and because of her beauty we deceided that she's the one who will continue her mum's duty. In fact we are planning to have a litter soon....You can read more about Lorry's mum Kitana if you click here.


We have also 3 cats at home who are Lorry's company whe we are in  our jobs. Lorry spends her days in a big garden, but when we arrive home from our jobs, we are alltogether in the house.




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